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Satellite imagery and maps.
Search for more than 8.000.000 geographic entities worldwide.
Atomic Clock time synchonization (interval: 3 minutes).
Statistical population counter.
Colour adjustment for satellite images.
Different sources merged together. Addons like: Google maps, Yahoo images search, geolocated WEB pages, ..., are driven from application.
See also: GeaBios (Wikipedia)

Coming soon: Online transformation for different source projections to target projection, on client. See below!
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Calculation on WGS84 Ellipsoid

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No pop-up windows, internal movable frames (like windows) are created for external sources, like Google Maps, Yahoo image search, etc.
You might have a problem with this kind of windows, we tested this stuff on IE 5.5+, Mozilla 1.7+, Firefox 0.9+, Opera 8+ and Netscape 8+.

Click to see: Pyramides, Stromboli, Ayers Rock (Uluru), Bora-Bora, Rarotonga, Tahiti, Copacabana, Gibraltar
Show & Mark: Mt Everest, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Mt Saint Helens, Ararat, Eiger, Mt. Fuji, Yosemite
Outdoor connection: Baikonur Cosmodrome, Cape Canaveral, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre (China),
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  • To export center of the map - select Misc./Export position from menu or click to happen
  • Search for more than 8.000.000 geographic entities(countries, states, regions, territories, towns, ...)
  • Santi,Chile means Santiago,Chile
    Lond,UK means London and Londonderry and London Conley
    Palo,us means Palo and Palo Alto and Palo Blanco and ... from United States
    Do not use local character set (ASCII only)
    Write (no case sensitive): Dusseldorf, Koln, Orebro, Are, Lwow, Cacak, Ajdovscina, Sao Paulo, ...
    Why? Different people from different countries with different keyboards are using this search
    Search is limited to 25 hits!! In result set, non-ASCII characters are written as ? (question mark).
  • By clickin' red hotspots, you can get weather conditions for the location
  • Switch WMS servers (see Windows/WMS Servers) for different data sources
  • Change satellite data source (visible, IR, ...; see Setup/Layers/...)
  • Resize map panel (drag lower-right corner)
  • Geolocate URL:
    Add the following meta tags to the <head> section of your web page (see above Export position, by selecting, the application will fill lat,lon):
    <meta name="ICBM" content="LONGITUDE, LATITUDE">
    <meta name="DC.title" content="THE NAME OF YOUR SITE">
    and submit page to GeoURL (new window)

    Add direct link(click to fill the appropriate - wysiwyg):
    for ordinary html page:
    <a href="http://www.geabios.com/html/services/maps/PublicMap.htm?lat=______&lon=______
    &fov=______">GeaBios - show location</a>

    for Wikipedia:
    &fov=______ GeaBios] - show location

    or templates:
    {{coor dm||||||}}, {{coor dms||||||||}}
    then just copy and paste.
    What is fov? Field of view in decimal degrees.

    Simple overview map:
    Visible Bands:
    Visible & IR Bands:
    And different combinations on the fly from different WMS and WFS servers.

    Coming soon:

    Online transformation for different source projections to target projection, on client. All the pictures below are created as a sandwich of reprojected images to target projetion (see data), written in action script, embedded on web page (without proxy server).
    WMSVER |                    NAME                     |  AREA      |    PROJ     |      COMMENT
    1.0.0  | Slovenia                                    | Slovenia   | EPSG:2170*  |
    1.1.1  | WMS-Dienst: pgo                             | Austria    | EPSG:31287  |
    1.1.1  | Atlas životního prostředí v Praze           | Czechia    | EPSG:102065 |
    1.1.1  | SGS Geology and Tectonics                   | Switzerland| EPSG:4326   |
    1.1.1  | IGME 1:1M Geological Map (Spain)            | Spain      | EPSG:23030  |
    1.1.1  | 1 to 250000 scale geological map of Hungary | Hungary    | EPSG:4326   |
    1.1.1  | GBA Bedrock Geology and Tectonic Lineaments | Austria    | EPSG:4326   |
    1.0.0  | DEMIS - World Map                           | World      | EPSG:4326   | 'Hillshading' background 
    Target projection:
    Description of projections:
        PROJ    |             DESCRIPTION                 |            PROJECTION's NAME        |          ELIPSOID
    EPSG:2170*  | MGI / Slovenia Grid                     | Transverse Mercator                 | Bessel 1841
    EPSG:4326   | WGS 84                                  | Lat/Lon                             | WGS 84
    EPSG:23030  | ED50 / UTM zone 30N                     | Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) | International 1909 (Hayford)
    EPSG:31287  | MGI / Austria Lambert                   | Lambert Conformal Conic             | Bessel 1841
    EPSG:102017 | North Pole Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area | Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area        | WGS 84
    EPSG:102065 | S-JTSK Krovak                           | Krovak                              | Bessel 1841

    From Spain to North Pole (Scale approx. 1:27.000.000)

    West Mediterranean (7 WMS sources, all together reprojected to Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area Projection) (Scale approx.: 1:11.000.000)

    From Jura to Tatre - rotated (Scale approx.: 1:5.600.000)

    Austria, Hungary, Slovenia - triangle (Scale approx.: 1:750.000)

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